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Re: pkg_install issues during pkg_rr

Richard PALO <> writes:

>> RR> pkg_install has the following new depends (need to re-tsort):
>> rr> [pkg_install-info perl readline zlib]
>> RR> Tsorting dependency graph
>> RR> Selecting pkg_install (pkgtools/pkg_install
>> pkgtools/pkg_install) as next package to replace
>> Usage: dirname [ path ]
>> *** No package directory 'pkgtools/pkg_install
>> pkgtools/pkg_install' for pkg_install.
>> *** Please read the errors listed above, fix the problem,
>> *** then re-run pkg_rolling-replace to continue.

It's hard to tell where the bug is, but generally the two things to do
to resolve this sort of thing are:

  outright remove pkg_install (on systems where there is base

  in pkgtools/pkg_install, do make replace

Note that all pkg_rr does is decide what order to do make replace.   So
you have to separate picking the wrong order from problems with the
operation itself.   In this case, it seems that PKGPATH is two words:

> *** No package directory 'pkgtools/pkg_install
> pkgtools/pkg_install' for pkg_install.

which could be a bug in the installed package or a pkg_rr bug.  You
could do pkg_info -B and see what the value in the package is.

For me:

$ pkg_info -B pkg_install|egrep PKGPATH

which seems right.  If yours has

PKGPATH=pkgtools/pkg_install pktools/pkg_install

then I would just hand-edit the +CONTENTS, or do make replace.

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