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Re: Rewriting pkglint in a portable language

William 'Cryo' Coldwell <> writes:

> Curious bystander asks:
> What is the portability problem with Go?  Go1.4 is C, and bootstraps
> Go1.6, but how many architectures/platforms/operating systems does
> this not work for out what what pkgsrc supports?  Are there actual
> statistics or just rhetoric and guesses?  And the split one for perl
> on “non-working ones” would be more meaningful with that info.

Currently, building go1.4 has the following:

ONLY_FOR_PLATFORM=	*-*-i386 *-*-x86_64 *-*-evbarm

In addition it fails to build on NetBSD 5 (beyond support, and I
resolved that by switching pkglint to build the perl version on NetBSD

So the above is not guesses; it is what has been configured by the
people who have maintained the go implementation.

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