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Re: Pulling in python from a file

* Thomas Klausner:

> Btw, files are not appropriate for (most) python
> packages because they don't installed header files and libraries that
> are looked for with a compiler.

I'm open to suggestions, but this is an oddball python package. It's
not an egg, it's not a python binding for an existing C library; it's a
C library which happens to use python internally as an extension
language. So it *does* ship a headerfile, a shared library and a pkg-config
file.  Along with a bunch of python files, but that's almost an 
implementation detail. If it was rewritten to use lua (for example),
that wouldn't change the API. 

tinkerbell(0):~% pkg_info -L libsigrokdecode
Information for libsigrokdecode-0.4.0nb20160123:

[... skip 125 .py files...]


Personally, I feel that the entire package goes against the grain of how 
python is supposed to be used. You typically don't embed python in your
application, you bind your application to python instead :)

Martijn van Buul - 

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