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Re: OSX: No suitable Xcode SDK or Command Line Tools installed [patch/hack]

> Am 05.01.2016 um 18:18 schrieb Jonathan Perkin <>:
> Could I ask why you are insistent on proceeding with this
> self-declared "hack", rather than simply installing the Command Line
> Tools?

I’m happy with whatever works.

In the past, installing (only) Xcode worked for me. 
Now I get an error message that doesn’t help me to find what’s wrong.
Digging into pkgsrc everything seems to be in place, and just pkgsrc doesn’t find it. 
That’s what my patch fixes.

I’m not aware of Command Line Tools (never neded it), and the link in pkgsrc/bootstrap/README.MacOSX points to a webpage that wants a Mac Developer Login, which I don’t have. 

Right now, pkgsrc right now only tells me:

"No suitable Xcode SDK or Command Line Tools installed."

>  You're only an 'xcode-select --install' away from a working,
> supported solution without the need for such hacks.

Cool, please put that into the above error message and/or the README file if that’s the concensus to get things working.

> If there are genuine reasons why CLT are objectionable, then it may be
> worth exploring whether we can use something similar to
> MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET which allows us to use the 10.11 SDK but only
> pulling in APIs which are available on 10.10.  This would certainly be
> a lot more reassuring than blindly using the 10.11 SDK and hoping for
> the best.

I cannot comment on CLT, I’ll try to find out what it is.

For me, things work fine without it, and I have yet to find a package that doesn’t.
(FWIW, I do use pkgs built on 10.10.5 on 10.10.5, with a freshly bootstrapped pkgsrc from yesterday)

 - Hubert

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