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Re: pbulk with manual steps


Havard Eidnes <> writes:

>>> Everything installed in my /usr/pbulk was done by mk/pbulk/
>>> I prefer a one-stop-shop, to the extent possible.  It's just a shame
>>> that the script can't be run more than once without manual
>>> cleanup in-between.
>> No, it is not. is preparation step. Don't invoke it when you have
>> prepared everything already. If you need redeployment of tools, which is
>> not necessary usually, you can remove everything with simple "rm -rf /usr/pbulk".
> With it will vanish any customization done to /usr/pbulk/etc/pbulk.conf.
> I'd rather not lose that.

If you have special needs, you can modify the script so that it applies your settings.
The script is kept as simple as possible exactly for that reason. 200 lines should not
be that hard to read to find the point where pbulk.conf is modified the last time.
(It is around line 170, if you really need the hint.)

I have impression that you miss the point. The point of is to let people with
_pretty_generic_needs_ the easy path to start running bulk builds. This is the reason
why the number of knobs is kept minimal, why the script is kept as simple as possible,
why the script doesn't support a lot of things and so on. If you have broken system
that uses csh, has broken /bin/sh or a system that has special setup or special needs,
you are to modify the script accordingly.


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