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Re: pbulk with manual steps

Havard Eidnes <> writes:

>> On Thu, Dec 31, 2015 at 12:42:30PM +0100, Havard Eidnes wrote:
>>  > In my case the above was a symptom that the pkg_add etc. settings in
>>  > my pbulk.conf pointed to the pkg_add in my /usr/pbulk/sbin/
>>  > directory, and this version of pkg_install defaults to prefix
>>  > /usr/pbulk and pkg DB directory /usr/pbulk/var/db/pkg. 
>> That won't ever work. /usr/pbulk needs to be its own independent
>> pkgsrc installation; it is to hold pbulk in an external container so
>> pbulk doesn't trash itself when it rearranges the default
>> installation for building.
> To that I have two comments:
> 1) pbulk's share/examples/pbulk/pbulk.conf defines pkg_add,
>    pkg_delete and pkg_info to the corresponding /usr/pbulk/sbin/*
>    programs (see below).
> 2) This worked during the 2015Q3 bulk build, but no longer works
>    for the 2015Q4 setup.
> I can only suspect that the pkg_install programs have earlier been
> invoked with explicit -p <prefix> and -K <pkg-DB-dir> arguments, but
> that no more happens.  Anyway, what worked earlier doesn't anymore.
>>  > pbulk.conf has a comment that it must use a pkg_install installed
>>  > outside of /usr/pkg.
>> That is not true if you give it a bootstrap kit; then it can (and
>> should) use the pkg_install in the bootstrap kit.
> Well, than pbulk's share/examples/pbulk/pbulk.conf gives
> misleading information, because it says:
> # The following programs must NOT be inside ${prefix}
> pkg_info=/usr/pbulk/sbin/pkg_info
> pkg_add=/usr/pbulk/sbin/pkg_add
> pkg_delete=/usr/pbulk/sbin/pkg_delete
> I see that when mk/pbulk/ is invoked with no arguments, it
> will create a bootstrap kit, and append a setting of bootstrapkit=
> to pbulk.conf.  Whether that's actually used is for me as an
> operator difficult to tell from the log file produced by bulkbuild.

That happens because that's the most generic case. In generic case, your
platform doesn't have pkg_install in base system. Besides, NetBSD should
not have it either.

>>  > My earlier setup was in use to build pkgsrc-2015Q3, so I'm pretty
>>  > sure the previous pkg_install binaries installed in /usr/pbulk used
>>  > /var/db/pkg and installed packages in /usr/pkg by default, while the
>>  > new one doesn't.
>> If so, how did you install anything in /usr/pbulk?
> Everything installed in my /usr/pbulk was done by mk/pbulk/
> I prefer a one-stop-shop, to the extent possible.  It's just a shame
> that the script can't be run more than once without manual
> cleanup in-between.

No, it is not. is preparation step. Don't invoke it when you have
prepared everything already. If you need redeployment of tools, which is
not necessary usually, you can remove everything with simple "rm -rf /usr/pbulk".


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