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Re: XFree86 support in "x11-links" package

Matthias Scheler <> writes:

> 	Hello,
> the "x11-links" package still has support for XFree86. Considering that
> "pkgsrc" doen't even use the old distributed with NetBSD 6.* I am
> wondering whether this is still useful.

As I read platform/, the default is native on 6 and up.
However I am using modular on 6, and 6 would not be affected by the change.

> I seriously doubt that it is and would therefore like to remove it.

As you know, some people run old no-longer-supported versions of
operating systems like OS X 10.7 ;-) I'd like to avoid us losing support
for older versions of Free software systems if it isn't causing

netbsd-5 in particular is not so crufty and I'd like to avoid problems
on that, but that seems to use xorg in base, and if I am following
correctly NetBSD 4 is the last NetBSD branch to use XFree86.  However,
pkgsrc on netbsd-4 and -5 defaults to and only really works with modular
From pkgsrc, so your proposed change doesn't actually hurt people on

Is that description correct?  Are there are systems, even ancient, where
this change will cause reduced functionality?  Or are you saying that on
all systems, we either default to X11_TYPE=modular or the base is at
least xorg?

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