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Re: First go at adding GCC_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED support


On 10-Oct-2015 22:50:12, David Sainty wrote:
I think you're not intending this as something to commit yet

Absolutely. I wasn't proposing that as a patch to be merged in, rather I'm just thinking out in the open and also because I can't keep up with discussion I wanted to show I am still thinking about this offline.

just want to mention that this style of solution is probably wrong for C++. The problem with C++ is that, depending on package build ordering, packages may end up linking with multiple stdc++ libraries (and including different c++ includes) from different compilers.

The current GCC_REQD behaviour avoids this problem (at a hefty cost).

Interesting, because my test case for trying out changes is Taskwarrior which is C++. Although I don't think that last patch was "correct" I don't understand the problem with C++. Perhaps Taskwarrior isn't complicated enough for me to come across these issues? I thought by letting GCC_REQD do it's thing and only afterwards overriding it I'd be ok?

Anyway, I'll start having a go at PKGSRC_GCC_MIN next.

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