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Re: First go at adding GCC_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED support

On 10/10/15 10:27, atomicules wrote:
Perhaps I should have come up with a better subject line when I started this because here's my second attempt at *not* adding GCC_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED support, but instead just seeing if there are any gcc versions installed that are equal to or greater than GCC_REQD and if there is, it uses the highest version available.

I think you're not intending this as something to commit yet, but I just want to mention that this style of solution is probably wrong for C++. The problem with C++ is that, depending on package build ordering, packages may end up linking with multiple stdc++ libraries (and including different c++ includes) from different compilers.

The current GCC_REQD behaviour avoids this problem (at a hefty cost). I believe PKGSRC_GCC_MIN also avoids this problem, so long as PKGSRC_GCC_MIN doesn't get changed (!?).

This style of solution is probably harmless enough for pure C packages though. The lack of guarantee of a consistent build (consistent compiler selection) for a given system configuration worries me, but I think that's perhaps just a theoretical worry and perhaps not a practical one.

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