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Re: CVS commit: wip/task

Hi Yorick,

apologies, I didn't mean to take so long to reply

On 30-Aug-2015 19:43:44, Yorick Hardy wrote:

Did you try something like the patch below?

Yes. Interestingly, I've been looking through /usr/pkgsrc/mk/compiler/ and I realised that GCC_REQD can actually be a list of values (Although it is a little pointless as it'll get resolved to the highest one), so for my purposes having this as:

   GCC_REQD= 4.7 4.8 4.9

would have solved my problems, since Taskwarrior requires 4.7 and above and I had 4.9 installed.
but this change does not seem to pull in gcc-4.7 for me (I have gcc-4.8.4
nb2 in the base system).

That's odd. That's not the behaviour I've experienced or read about.

On a related note, however, I have been looking at implementing GCC_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED as suggested by David Holland, but I'll start a separate thread about that.

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