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Autobuild generating bad packages

Hi folks,

autobuild seems to have a problem resulting in corrupt packages. As part of an
upgrade I've removed all pkgsrc packages and added all the new ones with

When I tried to start firefox however, I got:

diablo# firefox
XPCOMGlueLoad error for file /usr/pkg/lib/firefox/
  /usr/lib/ version GCC_3.3 required by
  /usr/pkg/lib/firefox/ not found
Couldn't load XPCOM.

Investigating it, it seems that at least the "icu", "hunspell" and "graphite2"
packages were wrong. Only when I rebuild those packages I could successfully
recompile Firefox and it works fine.

Could one of you take a look at it? The current autobuild packages for
NetBSD/amd64 7.0 are wrong at the minimum. Maybe the buildlog could be

With regards,

PS I am not subscribed to this list

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