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Re: CVS commit: wip/task

On 2015-08-10, Yorick Hardy wrote:
> Module name:	wip
> Committed by:	yhardy
> Date:		Mon Aug 10 21:16:48 UTC 2015
> Modified Files:
> 	wip/task: Makefile PLIST distinfo
> Log Message:

Apologies, that should have been:

Update wip/task to task-2.4.4. Changelog:

2.4.4 (2015-05-10) -

- TW-69   wait dates relative to due date (thanks to John Florian).
- TW-1285 I'd like to use relative dates combined with times (thanks to Adam
- TW-1474 Documentation is confusing with respect to user/uuid on the server
          (thanks to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1596 taskwarrior can't compile FreeBSD 9.3 32bit environment (thanks to
- TW-1603 Priority color precedence changed since it is a UDA, should be lowered
          again (thanks to Jens Erat).
- TW-1605 Japanese translation for Taskwarrior (thanks to Oota Toshiya).
- TW-1606 scheduled.any filter (thanks to Peter Rochen).
- TW-1608 The recur/recurring report shows tasks without a recur interval
          (thanks to Brad Collette).
- TW-1610 Disabling GC can lead to editing the wrong task (thanks to Scott M).
- The 'obfuscate' setting, if set to '1' will replace all text with 'xxx'.
- POSIX file locking mechanism, eliminating platform-specific code.

------ current release ---------------------------

2.4.3 (2015-04-19) 499044b9b6bdbc95338ea585204e949d80b24a09

- TW-57   user defined attribute sort order (thanks to Max Muller).
- TW-70   urgency.user.keyword.<keyword>.coefficient=...
- TW-111  User-defined priorities.
- TW-1279 Make default.* not apply to recurring tasks.
- TW-1287 Make default.* not apply to synced tasks.
- TW-1539 user-defined urgency coefficients for priority values.
- TW-1541 Priority should be converted to UDA (in default taskrc) (thanks to
          Tomas Babej).
- TW-1556 task hangs when modifying uda field with percent-encoded (url-encoded)
          value (thanks to Stefan Frühwirth).
- TW-1578 Bash tab completion problems on first run
          (thanks to Renato Alves and Ptolemarch).
- TW-1580 "modified" attribute no longer updated (thanks to David Patrick).
- TW-1581 Tasks with dependencies show wrong urgency values for the first
  report run after a task in the dependency chain is completed/deleted (thanks
  to Ulf Eliasson).
- TW-1583 Invalid ID displayed for first report after done/delete (thanks to
  Ulf Eliasson).
- TW-1584 attr.{isnt,not} use partial matching.
- TW-1587 Fix and improve example on-exit hook, adjust to new hooks API
  (thanks to Jochen Sprickerhof).
- TW-1588 Most Export scripts cannot deal with new export format (thanks to
  Scott Carter).
- TW-1590 syntax of rcfile not documented (whitespace, line continuation)
          (thanks to Scott M).
- TW-1591 add an option to see non-pending project with command task summary
          (thanks to Pierre Campet).
- TW-1595 info command doesn't print urgency details, if urgency is negative
          (thanks to Peter Rochen).
- Setting 'bulk' to zero is interpreted as infinity, which means there is no
  amount of changes that is considered dangerous (thanks to Tomas Babej).
- Disable hooks in bash completion script.  Hooks were previously able to
  abort processing or output interfering data, breaking completion.
- Fix "task add due:tomorrow+3days" failing to work without spaces.
- Performance improvements:
  + Stops after measuring a fixed-width column format.
  + Reduced number of std::string copies.

2.4.2 (2015-03-15) b9dc0813d9a8922b4cef9595033f133f9fbabf44

- TW-41   Tasks in subprojects are not counted in project completion (thanks
          to Renato Alves).
- TW-1450 Projects command should trigger running garbage collector (thanks to
          Tomas Babej).
- TW-1535 move default listing-break from list to ls (thanks to David Patrick).
- TW-1545 cc1plus: error: unrecognized command line option '-std=c++11' (thanks
          to Petteri).
- TW-1546 column type due.remaining breaks colors on due tasks (thanks to
          Renato Alves).
- TW-1547 Recur column is always shown even if no recurring task is displayed
          (thanks to Renato Alves).
- TW-1549 task annotate hangs with specific text pattern (thanks to Alexandre
          de Verteuil).
- TW-1550 _contexts helper-command (thanks to David Patrick).
- TW-1551 Unable to get a UDA value from DOM (thanks to Tomas Babej).
- Eliminated some code that is not UTF8-safe.
- Removed pthreads linkage.
- Implemented the context feature.
- Closed dangling pipes in execute (), resolving problems when a hook script
  forks (thanks to Jens Erat).
- Re-enabled hook script feedback when exiting with 0 exit status.
- The 'info' command now shows virtual tags.
- Fixed major on-modify hooks regression where hooks could no longer modify
  the tasks handed to them.
- 'task _version' now outputs "2.4.2 (git-ref)" when built from git. "2.4.2"
  when built from release tarballs (thanks to Renato Alves).

2.4.1 (2015-02-16) 82e019a4a8b20de63d53b51d59b8d1c89d3c05b2

- TW-1457 Non-existent attributes are not properly handled (thanks to Tomas
- TW-1484 The 'history' and 'ghistory' reports do not obey rc.color.label.
- TW-1486 task wait shows completed tasks which has a wait attribute (thanks to
          Sujeevan Vijayakumaran).
- TW-1487 Task export exports some numeric attributes as strings (thanks to
          Tomas Babej).
- TW-1491 Regression in deleting due dates (thanks to Jens Erat).
- TW-1492 compiling v2.4.0 using musl(libc) (thanks to V.Krishn).
- TW-1495 German translation for taskwarrior (thanks to Jens Erat).
- TW-1498 Filtering for presence of UDA matches all tasks (thanks to Ralph
- TW-1501 Calc can't handle multi-digit numbers in some expressions (thanks to
          Jeremy John Reeder).
- TW-1502 Successful on-add hook with no output confuses TW (thanks to Tomas
- TW-1504 On-modify hook does not accept correct JSON format (thanks to Tomas
- TW-1505 completely ignore mis-named hook scripts (thanks to Tomas Babej,
          David Patrick).
- TW-1509 Hooks modifications performed on sync not sycning back (thanks to
          Tomas Babej).
- TW-1510 Task can save empty value in the data backlog (thanks to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1517 Hook performance should be measured individually for each hook (thanks
          to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1518 Misbehaving hooks silently break task processing (thanks to Wim
- TW-1519 Testing suite forces"ignore hostname" (thanks to Renato
- TW-1522 Date format doesn't like hyphens (thanks to Scott Carter).
- TW-1524 Build Broken (thanks to Jack).
- TW-1530 Multiple on-add hooks generating new tasks are ignored (thanks to
          Tomas Babej).
- TW-1531 'task export' should handle recurrence (thanks to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1532 Hooks does not execute any script on Cygwin (thanks to Taisuke
- TW-1534 Urgency coefficient for user project disables 'info' output (thanks to
- TW-1542 Large numeric UDA values get rendered in scientific notation on export
          (thanks to Ralph Bean).
- Fixed assorted color theme problems.
- Changed assorted reports so they do not use '.age' format for dates that are
  in the future, because those are never shown with this format (thanks to
  Sujeevan Vijayakumaran).
- New 'recurrence' configuration setting can disable recurring task generation.

2.4.0 (2015-01-01) 670102842c39bdc62ef84ae4b679a8f5a2d89523

- TD-42 Cannot compile taskd - GNUTLS_VERSION undefined in diag.cpp (thanks
        to Michele Vetturi).
- TD-45 Fix preprocessor define (thanks to Jochen Sprickerhof).
- TD-55 TLSServer/Client need to include <errno.h> on Solaris (thanks to
        Tatjana Heuser). Also applied to NetBSD.
- TD-56 File.cpp needs to include <string.h> on Solaris (thanks to Tatjana
- TD-57 taskdctl script assumes /bin/sh is /bin/bash (thanks to Tatjana Heuser).
- TD-79 Bad error message for wrong hostname configuration (thanks to Jens
- #1255 l10n translation utility improvements (thanks to Renato Alves).
- #1473 Make TASK_RCDIR customizable (thanks to Elias Probst).
- #1486 Truncated sentence in task-sync(5) manpage (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- #1487 `tasksh` segmentation fault (thanks to Hector Arciga).
- #1492 task show to display default values when appropriate (thanks to Renato
- #1501 info report streamlining - partially implemented.
- #1503 build failure with musl libc due to undefined GLOB_BRACE and GLOB_TILDE
        (thanks to Natanael Copa).
- #1508 Show command highlight configuration (thanks to Nicolas Appriou).
- #1511 sync init crashes if client certification file is empty or invalid
        (thanks to Marton Suranyi).
- TW-1 Recurring task message on the same task (thanks to Profpatsch).
- TW-2 Unexpected behaviour - marking task as done releases task ID (thanks to
       Cory Donnelly).
- TW-5 does not work (thanks to Max Muller).
- TW-14 Parent recurring tasks cannot be deleted (thanks to Miguel de Val Borro).
- TW-15 'task recurring' shows only children of recurring tasks (thanks to
        Louis-Claude Canon).
- TW-21 do not match a UDA if not followed by colon (thanks to Scott Kostyshak).
- TW-24 incorrect use of xterm colorization escape sequences (thanks to Steve
- TW-28 Inserts spaces before punctuation characters (thanks to Matt Kraai).
- TW-29 Deletion of recurring tasks behaving strangely (thanks to Cory Donnelly).
- TW-37 Problem with fractions? (thanks to Aikido Guy).
- TW-42 "add" reports wrong task number when executed after "done" (thanks to
        Steve Rader).
- TW-43 Better error handling than: "Found extra operands." (thanks to Benjamin
- TW-44 Space handling in dateformat (thanks to Louis-Claude Canon).
- TW-45 task recur:daily doesn't behave as expected (thanks to Nick Person).
- TW-47 odd ball usage (thanks to Aikido Guy).
- TW-52 "task add ... recur:2 months" interpreted as "2s" (thanks to jwhisnant).
- TW-55 Bulk edit recurring tasks without answering yes/no for each? (thanks to
        Max Muller).
- TW-63 indicators for UDAs (thanks to David Patrick).
- TW-71 task ls/list/long/etc. should match contents of projects too (thanks to
        Cory Donnelly).
- TW-72 extend info report with urgency column.
- TW-90 configurable wait until day/week/month/year (thanks to Aikido Guy).
- TW-99 info report streamlining.
- TW-100 lazy dates (thanks to John Florian).
- TW-101 New description column format: Truncated WITH annotation count (thanks
         to atomicules).
- TW-105 Doc needed - a comprehensive 'setup' walkthrough.
- TW-115 allow "0day" durations for UDAs.
- TW-128 new helper command; _envs.
- TW-139 Possibility to execute shadow file generation (thanks to Arnoud K).
- TW-145 default.due should accept a Duration (thanks to Ozgur Akgun).
- TW-159 show sort field(s) as bold in listing headers.
- TW-161 UDA indicator (thanks to Jim B).
- TW-168 modification of due date relative to current due date (thanks to Dirk
- TW-174 Provide an easy way to match non-leaf-node projects only (thanks to Ben
- TW-186 Increase for numerical UDAs (thanks to Steffen Uhlig).
- TW-193 Support listing breaks.
- TW-197 New virtual tag READY.
- TW-210 project search options.
- TW-218 Reveal terms of urgency calculation for a given task (thanks to Max
- TW-221 Migrate task-faq man page to the Wiki.
- TW-230 Filter tasks on partial UUIDs (thanks to Paul Kishimoto).
- TW-241 new column format; recur.short.
- TW-242 extra Space when annotating a path/filename, taskopen can not open the
         file (thanks to Andreas Kalex).
- TW-244 task add "Description (Information)" results in
         "Description ( Information)".
- TW-248 Substitute text doesn't work with forward slash (thanks to Jostein
- TW-249 Report filters don't allow parantheses (thanks to Philipp Woelfel).
- TW-250 Opening parenthesis in description gets padded in task 2.0.0 bet 2
         (thanks to Michelle Crane).
- TW-251 extra spaces added after ( and / (thanks to Andy Spiegl).
- TW-252 task done - Doesn't stop task before marking complete (thanks to
         Renato Alves).
- TW-253 Unrecognized taskwarrior file format. in
         /Users/user/Dropbox/.task/ at line 1 (thanks to Kosta
- TW-255 'Mask' instead of 'iMask' shown in info report (thanks to Benjamin
- TW-256 Holidays not displayed for some locales (thanks to Leon Feng).
- TW-257 limit: not working properly (thanks to Aikido Guy).
- TW-259 Hyphenated words are split when added (thanks to Ben Boeckel).
- TW-261 Easy to create "not deletable" task (thanks to Jan Kunder).
- TW-262 Attribute modifiers not working within parentheses (thanks to Johannes
- TW-266 Allow project auto-completion to search completed tasks (thanks to
         Kosta Harlan).
- TW-268 escaped backslashes do not work with "modify" (thanks to Steve Rader).
- TW-271 Parser still looks for task id even when -- is used (thanks to Jim B).
- TW-276 Path is wrongly added when using annotate (thanks to Jostein Berntsen).
- TW-277 Complex filters can skip infix term expansion.
- TW-278 Cygwin throws warnings building mk_wcwidth() in wcwidth6.c.
- TW-279 ".monthly" unexpectedly appended to task annotation (thanks to Florian
- TW-285 DUETODAY doesn't give any output (thanks to Jostein Berntsen).
- TW-288 `task edit` mangles descriptions with embedded newlines (thanks to
         Kevin Ballard).
- TW-292 Override to suppress "this is reccurring task" message (thanks to Max
- TW-294 Display UUID of task created by add (thanks to John West).
- TW-295 Replacing annotations or descriptions which contain '/'s (thanks to
         Johannes Schlatow).
- TW-296 urgency of blocked task should affect urgency of blocking task (thanks
         to Sitaram Chamarty).
- TW-306 Wrong date format in burndown view (thanks to Michele Santullo).
- TW-752 task ID no longer defaults to info (thanks to Christopher Roberts).
- TW-1243 Automatically insert ( ) around user-supplied filter, if any.
- TW-1254 Calc command can segfault on negative numbers (thanks to Renato
- TW-1255 New testing framework (thanks to Renato Alves).
- TW-1257 The 'Syncing with <host>:<port>' message ignores verbosity tokens.
- TW-1258 Portuguese Localization (thanks to Renato Alves).
- TW-1260 New virtual tags YESTERDAY, TOMORROW.
- TW-1261 Migrate test bug.360.t to new unit testing framework (thanks to
          Renato Alves).
- TW-1263 Command Reference Redesign.
- TW-1264 Project | Tags assigned ratio of tasks (thanks to Benjamin Weber).
- TW-1265 cannot add UDA with underscore (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- TW-1267 If default.project is defined it's not possible to add a task without
          a project (thanks to Renato Alves).
- TW-1273 Words in task descriptions and annotations are cut-off after a hyphen
          (thanks to Elias Probst).
- TW-1274 Map 'modification' attribute to 'modified' (thanks to jck).
- TW-1278 Next report filters tasks with due date set until due date arrives
          (thanks to Renato Alves).
- TW-1282 incorrect URLs in man task-sync (thanks to Jeremiah Marks).
- TW-1288 Added missing locking for task modifications (thanks to Kosta Harlan,
          Ralph Bean, Adam Coddington).
- TW-1293 Modifying or deleting a child task does not propagate if there are no
          siblings (thanks to darkfeline).
- TW-1294 Modifying a child task does not propagate to parent (thanks to
- TW-1295 test/time.t fails on the last day of the month (thanks to Jakub
- TW-1296 make test/run_all exit with non-zero code if a test fail (thanks to
          Jakub Wilk).
- TW-1298 The color 'orange' is not recognized. - taskwarrior will not start
          anymore (thanks to Bernd Humpa).
- TW-1300 _get could use return codes (thanks to Scott Kostyshak).
- TW-1301 Virtual tag +PENDING (thanks to Profpatsch).
- TW-1302 CmdShow.cpp:244: bad length in substr ? (thanks to David Binderman).
- TW-1304 Minor build and install fix for NetBSD (thanks to atomicules).
- TW-1306 Arguments before 'add' are ignored.
- TW-1307 burndown is aliased to burndown.weekly (thanks to darkfeline).
- TW-1309 memory error, if misconfigured (thanks to
- TW-1316 Some filter expressions require space before closing paren (thanks to
          Will Dietz).
- TW-1318 creating a UDA in the wrong sequence will cripple taskwarrior (thanks
          to Onion).
- TW-1320 Provide output of malformed row if invalid Taskwarrior file format
          (thanks to Kosta Harlan).
- TW-1321 Unit test view.t fails oddly on Ubuntu 13.10 (thanks to John West).
- TW-1324 Numeric UDAs are compared as strings (thanks to Ben Boeckel).
- TW-1329 Short UUIDs (thanks to Benjamin Weber).
- TW-1331 date more than 5 years away is faulty (thanks to Onion).
- TW-1334 task mod description:"word1 word2" fails to handle space (thanks to
          Benjamin Weber).
- TW-1336 Project attribute does not allow whitespace (thanks to Benjamin Weber).
- TW-1341 confirmation config setting should apply to config command as well
          (thanks to Charles Ulrich).
- TW-1345 taskrc.5 manpage errors.
- TW-1354 Add value-dependent urgency coefficients for UDAs (thanks to Johannes
- TW-1359 "one-two-three" in description triggers Malformed ID error.
- TW-1360 color.until directive missing.
- TW-1361 Strange results with complex filter (thanks to Jim B).
- TW-1366 In diagnostics it's called 'Cert', and in config it's called
          'certificate' (thanks to Jack).
- TW-1373 taskrc.vim VIM syntax file updated (thanks to lolilolicon).
- TW-1377 Tags in default.command are treated as "operator text".
- TW-1381 blocking report exits with "Unknown error" and exit code 3.
- TW-1383 Segmentation fault running with included example
          (thanks to Markus Beppler).
- TW-1400 task "" gives a segfault (thanks to Scott Kostyshak).
- TW-1403 fish shell: no option "modify" after task selection (thanks to Roman
- TW-1405 Add command _zshattributes (thanks to Roman Inflianskas).
- TW-1407 'task calendar 2014' leaks.
- TW-1409 Allow "1 of N tasks remaining" to be correctly localized (thanks to
          Jeremy John Reeder).
- TW-1414 default.command doesn't work with execute anymore (thanks to Johannes
- TW-1415 The recurrence value 'month' is not valid (thanks to Petteri).
- TW-1416 Dates can't be input with hyphens (thanks to Jeremy John Reeder).
- TW-1417 Misaligned fields in report for "remaining" date (thanks to Jeremy
          John Reeder).
- TW-1420 Modifying 'uuid' fails to generate error (thanks to Black Ops Testing).
- TW-1421 Modifying 'uuid' with bogus value can corrupt (thanks to
          Black Ops Testing).
- TW-1422 Attempt to modify 'id' attribute creates an id attribute (thanks to
          Black Ops Testing).
- TW-1423 Using the date February 29th, in a non leap year does not fail well
          (thanks to Black Ops Testing).
- TW-1424 Using a date of '1824days' (in the future) fails (thanks to Black Ops
- TW-1428 Add support for color.uda.<name>.<value> rules.
- TW-1429 Filtering of tags containing special words does not work (thanks to
          Johannes Schlatow).
- TW-1434 Parser issue in description.contains (thanks to Ralph Bean).
- TW-1436 Parser hangs when multiple slashes are used.
- TW-1437 has a bad default value.
- TW-1438 Configuration setting rc.confirmation=no no longer disables
          confirmation requests (thanks to Adam Coddington).
- TW-1441 task import continues happily if filename doesn't exist.
- TW-1442 Dateformat incorrectly interpreted (thanks to Dirk Deimeke).
- TW-1444 Tag ordering is preserved, but should be sorted in reports.
- TW-1445 Aliases broken: cannot contain multiple arguments anymore (thanks to
          Johannes Schlatow).
- TW-1447 Not possible to filter on a UDA of type String (thanks to atomicules).
- TW-1449 Nag function does not respect urgency (thanks to Tomas Babej).
- TW-1460 Empty due dates lead to endless loop.
- TW-1463 A few more problems with special characters in filters, pluses,
          question marks, and braces (thanks to Ralph Bean).
- TW-1468 Filtering for project and description has issues (thanks to Richard
- TW-1469 Case-insensitive searching broken on Cygwin (thanks to Richard
- TW-1471 task calc uses output it doesn't understand (thanks to Jens Erat).
- TW-1477 Incompatibility with recurring tasks created with 2.3.0 (thanks to
          David Costa).
- TW-1482 Priority values may be 'H', 'M' or 'L', not ''.
- Added new holidays.xy-XY.rc definition files
- Removed deprecated 'echo.command' setting, in favor of the 'header' and
  'affected' verbosity tokens.
- Removed deprecated 'edit.verbose' setting, in favor of the 'edit' verbosity
- Includes utility 'calc' for quick command line calculations using the new
  expression evaluator.
- Deprecated '_query' alias.
- Removed deprecated 'push', 'pull' and 'merge' commands.
- Removed version 1.x column name support.
- Removed version 1.x sort column support.
- Old-style color names including underscores are no longer supported.
- Removed priority counts from the 'projects' report.
- New theme: dark-gray-blue-256.theme
- Added certificate verification to GnuTLS versions < 2.9.10 (thanks to Alexander
- Added certificate hostname verification (thanks to Alexander Sulfrian).
- Removed debugging code.
- Added details in debug mode, for unrecognized data (thanks to Kosta Harlan).
- Removed unused 'patterns' configuration variable.
- Regular expressions are now enabled by default.
- New verbosity token 'filter' shows the complete filter used by the last
- Display debug/release build type in the diagnostics command.
- Removed obsolete task-faq.5 and task-tutorial.5 man pages.
- French localization (thanks to leowzukw).
- Removed deprecated 'report.X.limit' feature.
- Improved bash completion when TASKRC is exported.
- Segfault when 'project:android' is split into 'and' and 'roid' (thanks to
  Richard Boß).
- Fixed typo in 'newest' and 'oldest' report definitions (thanks to Richard Boß).
- The 'diagnostics' command obeys color settings.
- Support 'allow.empty.filter', defaulting to 'yes', but if 'no' disallows the
  combination of a write command and an empty filter.  Ordinarily this is just a
  warning that requires confirmation (thanks to Lee Lieske).
- Esperanto localization (thanks to Jeremy John Reeder).
- The 'total active time' information is removed from the 'info' report.  This
  was being misinterpreted as support for time tracking.
- Removed unused tips files (thanks to dev-zero).
- Removed shadow file feature, replacing it with an example hook scripts that
  performs the same function.
- Added rc.hooks, a master control setting for hooks processing, which defaults
  to 'on'.
- File format 3 (used in version 1.6.0 - 1.7.1) is no longer supported.
- If the '' setting contains a bad value, the 'diag' command will
  indicate this, and the 'sync' command will error out.
- The filter form 'name:value' now maps to the partial match operator '=',
  rather than the exact match operator, '=='.  This means that dates now
  match on the day by default, not the time also.
- Supports 'debug.hooks' configuration setting.
- Supports 'debug.parser' configuration setting.
- Supports 'color.label.sort' for column labels of sort columns.

2.3.0 (2014-01-15) c4eb46507031b7dee839dcb932bb2a22b2f0d3a2

- #328 Replaced the 'shell' command with a standalone 'tasksh' binary, which
  includes GNU readline support (thanks to Haitham Gad).
- #934 support for 'reserved.lines' to accommodate multi-line
  shell prompts when used in conjunction with 'limit:page' (thanks to Robert
- #1226 A new French translation has begun, and will continue to be a work in
  progress for a while (thanks to YBSA R).
- #1227 A new 'verify_l10n' utility ensures the localizations are in sync
  (thanks to Wim Schuermann).
- #1250 Support out-of-tree test runs (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- #1256 Supports default values for UDA fields (thanks to Thomas Sullivan).
- #1297 The task₋sync(5) man pages is rewritten with examples.
- #1339 The configuration file now supports JSON encoding of Unicode
  characters, by specifying \uNNNN.
- #1385 Need a way to configure the trust of self-signed certificates.
- #1423 sync vs. push, pull, merge collision avoidance.
- #1473 Make TASK_RCDIR customizable (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Stores un-synched transactions in <data.location>/
- Adds a new 'synchronize' command to sync data with a Taskserver.
- Adds a new 'initialize' synchronize command argument that uploads all pending
  tasks for first-time initialization.
- Adds a new 'sync' verbosity token, which will remind when a backlog builds
  up and needs a sync.
- Supports IPv4 and IPv6 server addresses.
- Began fr-FR localization.
- Complete it-IT localization.
- Merged three l10n utility scripts into one tools, scripts/utils/l10n, which
  will help the translation effort.
- The 'due' urgency component now uses seconds, not days, in the calculation.
- The 'debug.tls' configuration variable takes an integer which corresponds to
  the GnuTLS log level.  For debugging.
- File format 2 (used in version 0.9.3 - 1.5.0) is no longer supported.
- Migrated column processing code into Task.cpp for future use within each
  individual column object.  Legacy code left in Task.cpp for column objects
  that are not yet modified.
- ColPriority.cpp - Migration of column modification code out of Task.cpp and
  into the individual column object.
- Now requires libuuid (thanks to Martin Natano).
- New '_get' is a DOM accessor helper command.
- New virtual tags (WEEK, MONTH, YEAR, PARENT).
- Added the 'remaining' format for all date columns.
- Protects against interrupt during critical DB commit and sync operations.
- The 'push', 'pull' and 'merge' commands now generate a 'deprecated' message.
- Rewritten task-sync(5) man page, listing sync options and setup guidelines.
- Now properly uses the libc version of uuid_create and uuid_to_string for
  FreeBSD (thanks to Pietro Cerutti).
- Performance improvements:
  + Optimizes indexing into for direct task access.
  + Improved I/O performance with better defaults for buffer sizes.

- #1195 Random seed not random enough - removed all random number code (thanks
  to Jakub Wilk).
- #1196 Now builds on Hurd (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- #1197 Now 'tasksh' recognizes Ctrl-D to exit.
- #1200 Directory d_type==DT_UNKNOWN is now handled correctly (thanks to Jakub
- #1211 The 'dateformat' settings now default to the ISO-8601 standard of
  'Y-M-D' (thanks to Robin Björklin).
- #1222 The 'summary' report now obeys the 'color.label' setting (thanks to
  Steve Rader).
- #1235 The 'shell' command can now start in non-interactive mode without a
  .taskrc file (thanks to Haitham Gad).
- #1247 Tests now create a local dir, rather than use the insecure /tmp dir
  (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- #1248 Merge tests no longer connect to (thank to Jakub Wilk).
- #1249 Build system now recognizes GNU/Hurd and GNU/kFreeBSD (thanks to Jakub
- #1263 The 'waiting' report properly lists only pending tasks with a wait date
  (thanks to Fidel Mato).
- #1268 Edit doesn't accept changes, if task has completed dependency (thanks
  to Dmitriy Matrosov, Michele Santullo).
- #1270 The 'undo' command is now properly removing backlog entries.
- #1273 Query with negative relative date differs greatly from absolute date
  in past (thanks to John West).
- #1279 Assorted corrections to the task-ref.pdf document (thanks to Benjamin
- #1286 Cannot use "sow", "som", etc in "entry.after", "end.after" filters
  (thanks to Jake Bell).
- #1300 Encode/decode pairing is now properly balanced.
- #1305 Commit hash now available in tarball builds (thanks to Ben Boeckel).
- #1352 Terminal crashes when using taskwarrior's zsh completion (thanks to
  Ivan Freitas, XTaran).
- #1356 Command reference now mentions /from/to/g.
- #1381 Invalid JSON exported by Task 2.3.0-beta1 (thanks to Kosta H).
- #1387 ZSH Auto-Completion dates are not current (thanks to Benjamin Weber).
- #1388 Updated task(1) man pages with import/export script examples (thanks to
  Benjamin Weber).
- #1410 Incomplete Date Synonym List in man task (thanks to Benjamin Weber).
- #1414 Client does not verify SSL certificates (thanks to Scott Kroll).
- #1415 Client should not require a SSL certificate if the server has a trusted
  certificate (thanks to Scott Kroll).
- #1476 Unicode indicators increase column width (thanks to Paul Kishimoto).
- #1477 Pre-compiled static library (*.a) in source tarball (thanks to Jakub
- #1478 pri_sort.t failure (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- #1479 bug_annual.t failure (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Fixed bug so that 'limit:page' now considers footnote messages.
- Fixed bug where specifying an ID of 0 yielded all completed/deleted tasks
  (thanks to greenskeleton).
- Fixed rc.nag documentation (thanks to Jeroen Budts).
- Fixed bug where task edit incorrectly claimed duration UDA was modified.

------ old releases ------------------------------

2.2.0 (2013-04-07) 05f7948f7e70d7be3642bdc336faace52eaa9dfb

- Added Feature #685, which provides a 'blocking' report, and new color rule
  (thanks to Michelle Crane).
- Added Feature #953, which includes the total number of blocked and blocking
  tasks to the 'statistics' command output (thanks to T. Charles Yun).
- Added Feature #1039, which adds new date shortcuts, 'socm' and 'eocm',
  meaning start and end of current month (thanks to Thomas Sullivan,
  Louis-Claude Canon).
- Added Feature #1061, which allows the 'columns' command to use a search
  string for the column name (thanks to Uli Martens).
- Added Feature #1069, which gives a clearer error when a UDA
  is added without the uda.<uda-name>.type variable.
- Added Feature #1099, which supports the 'color.uda.<uda-name>' color rule
  (thanks to Florian Hollerweger).
- Added Feature #1124, which provides a '_show' command that displays all
  configuration defaults and settings, for use by third-party software (thanks
  to Jake Bell).
- Added feature #1147, applying patch to display duration of each activity
  session (thanks to Justin Forest).
- The 'projects' command now outputs abstract parents and reduces
  repetition by not printing parent names in front of children names.
- Added framework for testing bash autocompletion.
- New helper command '_aliases' for autocompletion purposes.
- Stop consider new tasks after quitting a bulk change.
- Removed deprecated 'fg:' and 'bg:' attributes.
- The 'diagnostics' command now reports libuuid details.
- New characters for parsing and formating dates ('n', 's' and 'v').
- New 'modified' attribute, which contains the most recent modification date,
  if a modification has occurred.
- Fixed the mechanism used for selecting translations (thanks to Fidel Mato).
- Added new export script:
- Added the configuration variable 'print.empty.columns'.
- The 'push' and 'pull' commands now properly distinguish between a missing
  transport utility and other errors (thanks to Russell Steicke).
- Removed support for Lua extensions.
- Added (thanks to YBSAR).
- Added (thanks to Fidel Mato).

- Fixed bug #642, so that the default 'data.location=~/.task' preserves the
  '~', leading to more portable .taskrc files (thanks to alparo).
- Fixed bug #947, #1031, which kept expanding aliases after the '--' operator
  (thanks to Jim B).
- Fixed bug #1038, which prints blank lines with bulk changes and when the
  verbose attributes does not specify it. Lines do a better separation between
  each changes also.
- Fixed bug #1042, where the 'diagnostics' command failed to detect missing
  external utilities on Solaris and NetBSD.
- Fixed bug #1043, where aliases were not recognized by bash autocompletion.
- Fixed bug #1044, where 'task projects' considers newly deleted tasks and
  provides an incorrect summary.
- Fixed bug #1047, which caused extra commas in exported JSON when UDA orphans
  were present (thanks to Thomas Sullivan).
- Fixed bug #1048, which segfaulted rather than complain about syntax (thanks
  to Bryce Harrington, Štěpán Henek).
- Fixed bug #1053, where ' characters were not escaped by (thanks
  to John Florian).
- Fixed bug #1056, where CmdSummary did not print abstract parents.
- Fixed bug #1059, where CmdEdit was running garbage collection.
- Fixed bug #1060, where an error was not thrown correctly.
- Fixed bug #1063, so that numeric UDA fields are now sortable (thanks to Max
- Fixed bug #1065, where CmdShow issued messages in incorrect situations.
- Partially fixed #1083, which showed 'task 0 ...' when modifying a non-
  pending task (thanks to Aikido Guy).
- Fixed bug #1087, which gave incorrect task/line counts under certain
- Fixed bug #1091, allowing filters to use 'urgency.over:4.5'.
- Fixed bug #1110, which did not treat 'status:Completed' the same
  as 'status:completed' (thanks to Aikido Guy).
- Fixed bug #1118, which dropped changes after edits were rejected (thanks to
  Ben Boeckel).
- Fixed bug #1123, which caused the undo of a 'log' command to corrupt the data
  file (thanks to Tim None).
- Fixed bug #1128, which caused 'age' columns to be right-justified instead of
  left-justified (thanks to Steve Rader).
- Fixed bug #1136, #1177, which incorrectly line-wrapped tasks with annotations
  (thanks to Steve Rader, T. Charles Yun).
- Fixed bug #1135, #1137, which caused file locks to be non-blocking (thanks
  to Steve Rader).
- Fixed bug #1150, which referenced deprecated features in the tutorial man
  page (thanks to Benjamin Weber).
- Fixed bug #1154, which now allows priorities to be specified in any case.
- Fixed bug #1178, which included binary libraries in the released source
  package (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Fixed bug #1181, where single-character columns were often rendered using
  widths larger than 1 (thanks to Max Muller).
- Fixed bug #1183, correcting error message typos (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Fixed bug #1184, correcting man page formatting (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Fixed bug #1185, correcting man page install location for out-of-tree
  builds (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Fixed bug #1189, which caused wide Asian UTF8 characters to be measured as
  narrow characters (thanks to Roy Zuo).
- Fixed bug #1191, which kept file locks active for longer than necessary,
  and caused the 'execute' command to be considered a 'write' command.
- Fixed bug #1192, which failed to expand braces internally, as POSIX /bin/sh
  does not do {} expansion, thereby causing push/pull errors (thanks to Russell
- Fixed bug #1194, so that $HOME has precedence over the passwd db when looking
  for the user's home directory (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Fixed bug #1199, where 'stat' was used instead of 'lstat' (thanks to Jakub
- Fixed bug #1200, where directory removal didn't handle d_type==DT_UNKNOWN
  (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Fixed bug #1209, spelling mistake in reference page (thanks to Friedrich
- Fixed bug #1210 so that widths are taken from localized strings instead of
- Fixed bug #1218 so that description columns minimum width is calculated
- Improved hyphenation by splitting on commas (even if no whitespace after).
  Leads to better output of, for example, 'task show', where comma-separated
  lists are common.
- No more bash completion of, for example, 'projABC:', or of 'proj:' if
  abbreviation.minimum is greater than 4.
- Fixed bug where shadow files are not properly created when there is a missing
  .taskrc file (thanks to Pietro Cerutti).
- Fixed bug with 'socm' date calculation that failed on some days, by
  simplifying the implementation.
- Fix a bug where 'print.empty.columns=no' resulted in never printing the
  project column.
- Integrated latest UTF8 character width calculations from Markus Kuhn.
- Fixed bug where localized UTF8 strings were not properly substr'd (thanks to
  Fidel Mato).
- Fixed a bug where the bash completion script was causing gc() to be run.
- Fixed manpages that were not installed when running an out-of-source build
  (thanks to Vincent Petithory).
- Added missing localized confirmation strings (thanks to Rainer Müller).
- Fixed bug that added an extra newline after setting the terminal title
  (thanks to Rainer Müller).
- Fixed a bug where the terminal title was tried to be set without a tty
  (thanks to Rainer Müller).
- Fixed hook tests to work on released code (thanks to Jakub Wilk).
- Fixed bug where arguments passed to 'task execute' needed double escaping.
- Fixed a bug so that the report filter order is preserved, to enable an
  optimization that was being skipped.

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