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Re: gettext-tools with g-prefix (was Re: xgettext with UI files support)

Le 01/09/15 11:54, Jonathan Perkin a écrit :

> Please could you post a patch for review?  The previous ones had
> unrelated changes included, making it hard to review, especially as I
> still don't understand why the USE_TOOLS changes are necessary.  I
> didn't see an answer to my question about why we don't see failure on
> SmartOS - if packages require those tools, and we do not ship them in
> /usr/bin, then surely we'd see bulk build failures?
> Thanks,

The issue is a [bad] mix of tools/packages when pkgsrc is in effect, things still pick up
native.  The case of SmartOS is more, I believe, that PATH has /usr/gnu/bin...

This is a problem in general, though, as many tools override expected pkgsrc package precedence rules.

As far as using [pkgsrc]system libxml2, this should have been done a long time ago!

The test code (btw, you mentioned you were working on TEST_DEPENDS and cie?) I'll get rid
of since this workaround is no longer necessary on extremely recent illumos.

Richard PALO

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