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Re: gettext-tools with g-prefix (was Re: xgettext with UI files support)

Le 30/06/15 17:06, Jonathan Perkin a écrit :
> * On 2015-06-30 at 15:59 BST, Richard PALO wrote:
>> Here are the packages installed on my system needing USE_TOOLS
>> updated with 'xgettext' and for good measure 'msgmerge' in order to
>> build at all (with pkg_rr):
> I'm a bit confused why you have such a large list here.  As you can
> see from our daily bulk builds, the vast majority of these packages
> build fine on SmartOS in a strict bulk build environment (PREFIX is
> cleaned before each build so no accidental use of pkgsrc tools).
> Let's dig into why there is this discrepancy before changing other
> things.  And yes, adding to USE_TOOLS where necessary.
Yes, but how to check with pbulk reports on seeming successes but
with mixed pkgsrc and native gettext tools (that is, *bad*).

Somehow need to do a 'egrep 'bin\/msg.|bin\/xgettext' on config.log
in each package.   if USE_TOOLS is correct, then they should most be in ${WRKDIR}/.tools/bin
(although I have found that there are, for example, package perl scripts using tools
not checked for in configure).

Richard PALO

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