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Re: xgettext with UI files support


From: Richard PALO <>, Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 12:13:34 +0200

> Le 15/06/15 17:00, Ryo ONODERA a écrit :
> It looks like there are plenty of us working on gettext lately!
> Perhaps this should be all overhauled, as there is another issue that needs addressing
> namely the fact that configure scripts frequently look for the g' prefixed flavours of
> the programs as well (in order to avoid a mix of pkgsrc and native gettext being used as
> currently is frequently the case, for example, on SunOS).
> The easy part is converting gettext-tools to do like GNU binutils or diffutils and
> put the g' flavour in bin with symlinks in $PKGGNUDIR/bin, but the TOOLS also need to do the right thing.
> Can we do this a bit more formalistic?

Could you provide me any hint about what problem is fixed with g-prefix?

Thank you.

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> Richard PALO

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