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Re: Building Asterisk with PostgreSQL support

On Sat, 20 Jun 2015 11:02:40 -0700
Mike Bowie <> wrote:
> Take a look at 
> ...
> I've been using the patch there quite successfully in production for
> a few months.

Interesting.  Asterisk says that "--with-postgres" takes an
argument which is the directory where PG is installed.  That's why I
made it "CONFIGURE_ARGS+= --with-postgres=${PREFIX}" in my attempt.

> Since you're mentioning it, there are a couple of other "gotchas"
> with modern (post 1.8) * under NetBSD which I've run across.
> (Untested on other platforms.)

While technically my system is in production I only have a few users
who are willing to let me play with the system as long as it is mostly
up.  As a result I can put the latest version up.  Currently I am
running 11.17.1nb1.

> The first is that appears to have a race
> condition, which causes it to stall indefinitely until * eats all
> it's available file handles. This can be seen building via "sip show
> channels" maintaining connections which never die, and "timing test"
> going totally sideways. Disabling it in modules.conf, falling back to 
> appears to work around that.

I haven't actually seen that.  However, the system randomly stops
running with no core dump even with the -g option.  I am hoping to
create a developer version that I can install on a test box so that I
can run the unit tests.  Currently I monitor it every minute and restart
it if it is down.  It happens maybe once a week on average.  It used to
be worse before I set up an intrusion detection system and blocked
attacks on the server.  The attacks never succeeded but they used up a
lot of resources.


D'Arcy J.M. Cain <> IM:darcy%Vex.Net@localhost

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