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Re: expected behavior of USE_TOOLS=TOOLNAME:pkgsrc

Ryo ONODERA <> writes:

> Do you know about the expected behavior of USE_TOOLS :pkgsrc modifier?
> I have added USE_TOOLS+=grep:pkgsrc to some packages, but I do not find any
> effects under NetBSD current.

As I read mk/ and mk/tools/, the :pkgsrc modifier
is like the empty modifier (which should perhaps be :run but isn't)
except that it indicates the tool is needed by the pkgsrc infrastructure
rather than a particular package.

> I have expected that :pkgsrc modifier may force pkgsrc package dependency
> instead of dependency to base command.

I can see how you might expect that.  But, I can't find anything in the
sources that would do as you say.

> Could you explain me the expected behavior of :pkgsrc modifier?

I think:

  it's like no modifer, but for pkgsrc internal use

  no package makefile should use it.

> This question is blocker of my implementation of USE_TOOLS=TOOLSNAME>=VERNUM
> like mechanism.

It would be good to also think about cross compilation a bit.

USE_TOOLS is a bit funny; it means multiple things.  One is that
something (a "tool") is needed to run on the build system during the

Another is that something is needed to run on the target system (:run).
That is more or less like, except that it's about running
programs rather than linking libraries.  I'm not sure that
USE_TOOLS+=foo:run is the right way to do that, vs thinking that bl3 is
about providing the entire ABI of a dependency in the target.

For bl3, we have BUILDLIND_ABI_DEPENDS to express minimum versions.  I
would expect that we would have or similar for

In the case of wanting tools from pkgsrc, there's an implicit claim
(probably true) that sometimes host versions of tools are not ok.
Sometimes that can be about version, and sometimes about other things.
Tools may be from different implementations and not even have a common
version scheme.

I do not know if PREFER_PKGSRC affects tools.

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