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Re: user/group mismatch on munin-server update

Le 23/05/2015 08:59, Filip Hajny a écrit :
22. 5. 2015 v 20:42, Jean-Yves Migeon <>:

Now, onto the fix. A short investigation in mk/pkginstall/ makes me
say that the install script will hardcode the uid/gid when the
user/group already exist on the system. This happens to be the case
when someone builds another package just before: munin-node. It
uses the exact same user and group name [2], namely "munin".

No, it’s because munin-master has USERGROUP_PHASE=pre-install set,
which means the software requires the UID/GID to build and/or
install, or, more likely, the maintainer didn’t patch around such
silly requirement enough.

sysutils/munin* is terribly outdated and I’ve fixed this in
wip/munin* a long time ago, so that’s the one we should import into
sysutils/ over the old one. However, I no longer use munin and
haven’t had a chance to test it very much.

Okay, thanks. I am still using it so I will take a look.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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