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Re: pkg_add(8). Bug in handling the flag "automatic"?

> I think that's not quite right; your patch seems to change the docs for
> -u, not -U.
> "pkg_add -u" seems to unset automatic.

asrock# pkg_info -e runawk
asrock# pkg_info -Q automatic runawk
asrock# pkg_add -u /srv/pkgsrc_bin/NetBSD/x86_64/6.1/current/All/runawk-1.6.0.tgz
asrock# pkg_info -e runawk
asrock# pkg_info -Q automatic runawk

> (I really don't understand what it actually does beyond the package
> named, and I wonder if it should be retired in the age of package
> managers.)

It doesn't eat too much source code. Let's keep it.

> "pkg_add -U" doesn't touch automatic.  Also, it does add the package if
> it's not already there, and I think that's a bug - it should fail.

I'd prefer to keep -U as it is now. I usually don't care whether the
package existed before or not. I just want to install or replace the
existing package with the one I specified. So, -U does exactly that I
usually want.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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