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Re: SMF handling for removed packages

15. 1. 2015 v 2:05, Paul B. Henson <>:
>> From: Jonathan Perkin
>> Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2015 3:15 AM
>> The problem is that this will break upgrades, as there is currently no
>> way in pkgsrc to distinguish between an upgrade and a de-install &&
>> re-install cycle, as they are the same thing.
> Ah, I didn't realize that. At the very least though, as Filip suggested,
> perhaps uninstalling a package should disable the service? I suppose for an
> upgrade for a service that was previously enabled, that would result in a
> disabled service. But for an actual uninstall, the current result is an
> orphaned running service.

Also mind the case where an unexpected technical hiccup might makes the package upgrade longer. In case of a simple service that loads everything into memory and doesn’t fork anymore, an orphaned process may just work fine and cover your back while you figure out the problem, upgrade and restart.

> Perhaps the best that can be done for now would simply be a message during
> the uninstall similar to the other cleanup messages suggesting they should
> disable and delete the service if it will no longer be used?

Yes, I think this would be harmless and actually helpful.


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