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Re: wip/publicfile-run: review request

Amitai Schlair <> writes:

> The history there is, I added a bunch of rc.d scripts and other
> pkgsrcery to qmail, told the qmail list about it, got pushback from
> some list old-timers who generally didn't like any sort of packages
> and at least wanted users to be able to tell the difference between
> what's part of "qmail" and what's random other crud, and went along
> with it. Then I figured I might as well do the same thing for djbdns.
> And here you are, figuring you might as well do the same thing for
> publicfile. ;-)

As I see it, there are djb-purists who object to packages, and the norm
in pkgsrc that a package should have all the stuff that belongs.  Having
a package that is missing rc.d scripts (which are really obviously
separate, because they come from files/, and could well have a comment
saying they aren't from the original distribution -- is there actual
confusion, or just purism?) seems like it satisfies neither goal well.

> I tend to agree, particularly because DJB has placed much of his
> software in the public domain, but not (yet?) publicfile. Even if
> publicfile were public domain, I'm not sure I'd want to merge
> djbdns-run and qmail-run back into their parent packages, and less
> sure I'd want to merge more than zero and less than all three.  It's
> been a while since I thought about this stuff, though. I'm open to
> being persuaded.

Reading djb's rants, I don't see any issue with packaging publicfile
with rc.d scripts (unless we are explicitly asked not to, and I don't
have any reason to think that has happened).  I don't see a real
distinction between a second package with the scripts and them being in
the same package.  We can't distribute the package (or the distfile),
either adding rc.d scripts or not.

All that said, I don't think this is a big deal; all the djbware has
been odd in pkgsrc for a long time.

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