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Re: wip/publicfile-run: review request

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> "J. Lewis Muir" <> writes:
>>> Typically, we provide rc.d files for a package with the package
>>> itself, so that when users install the package, they show up (in the
>>> examples directory) or in /etc/rc.d (with PKG_RCD_SCRIPTS).  So, I
>>> wonder why a separate package.
>> Right.  I considered that too when creating this package.  I made it a
>> separate package because that's what had been done in net/djbdns-run and
>> mail/qmail-run, so I thought that was the preferred approach.
> What is preferred vs. what was done before for reasons which may or may
> not be valid is pretty complicated.

I meant "still valid".  I really don't mean to criticize decisions
people made in the past; what I really mean is that the world changes
and there is no mechanism by which everything magically keeps up.
In particular, djbware distribution terms have changed vastly.

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