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Re: How to install a file outside of /usr/pkg ($PREFIX)

Jose Luis Rodriguez Garcia <> writes:

> I am updating a pkgsrc package : mppe-lkm for that it works with NetBSD 6/7
> I have to copy the kmod file to the /stand/../../modules/.. directory
> for that the module can be loaded, and I don-t know what is the best
> way.
> I have tried to used the @cwd / sequence in the PLIST file, but
> without sucess. It seems , that enve absolute pahts are relative to
> /usr/pkg.
> What alternatives do you suggest?

In this case, why can't modules be loaded from someplace else, with an
rc.d script?  Or do you really need them loaded at boot?

Basically the pkgsrc way seems to be "don't do that"; this is the debate
about an expectation that packages should stay within PREFIX being more
important than out-of-the-box working.

There is the notion of install and de-install scripts that could do this
sort of thing.

If we are going to generally have beyond-PREFIX installation as an ok
concept, then we should enable PKG_RCD_SCRIPTS by default....

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