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Re: How to install a file outside of /usr/pkg ($PREFIX)

By example if it is NetBSD 7,0 and If it is located in
/stand/amd64/7.0/modules/ppp_mppe/ppp_mppe.kmod it is loaded by the
kernel is loaded automaticay when a pptp connection is made using
mpe-128 compression/encryption algorithm.

It is in this kernel file:

The list of known_compressors is in this file:

static const struct ppp_known_compressor {
   uint8_t code;
   1782 const char *module;
   } ppp_known_compressors[] = {
   { CI_DEFLATE, "ppp_deflate" },
   { CI_DEFLATE_DRAFT, "ppp_deflate" },
   { CI_BSD_COMPRESS, "ppp_bsdcomp" },
   { CI_MPPE, "ppp_mppe" },
   { 0, NULL }

With the rc.d script the autoload funcionality doesn't exit.

I don't think that this is a security risk:

1- There is to install the package
2- There is to create a pptp connection
3- There is to configure a connection using mppe-128 algorithm

If it isn't possible to install modules with pkgsrc, I think that
modules lost part of its functionality: They are load only when

I think that must be possible to install the kmod file using INSTALL
scripts _and for deinstallation with DEINSTALL). Would it be allowed
in this case?

Best regards

On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 5:50 PM, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> Jose Luis Rodriguez Garcia <> writes:
>> I am updating a pkgsrc package : mppe-lkm for that it works with NetBSD 6/7
>> I have to copy the kmod file to the /stand/../../modules/.. directory
>> for that the module can be loaded, and I don-t know what is the best
>> way.
>> I have tried to used the @cwd / sequence in the PLIST file, but
>> without sucess. It seems , that enve absolute pahts are relative to
>> /usr/pkg.
>> What alternatives do you suggest?
> In this case, why can't modules be loaded from someplace else, with an
> rc.d script?  Or do you really need them loaded at boot?
> Basically the pkgsrc way seems to be "don't do that"; this is the debate
> about an expectation that packages should stay within PREFIX being more
> important than out-of-the-box working.
> There is the notion of install and de-install scripts that could do this
> sort of thing.
> If we are going to generally have beyond-PREFIX installation as an ok
> concept, then we should enable PKG_RCD_SCRIPTS by default....

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