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Re: pkgtools/osabi is useless

Aleksey Cheusov <> writes:

> Why osabi is bad:
> - Our official packages for NetBSD-6.1 are linked to 6.0 binaries.
>   As a result binary installation fails on 6.1 due to osabi-NetBSD.
> - osabi should be system-dependent, but currently it is not.
>   Difference in kernel versions on Linux, for example, doesn't play
>   too big role.
> - It is a half-measure. There are too many things to check in order to
>   garantee ABI compatibility, e.g. libc version on Linux. Checks for
>   kernel version don't solve anything.

I agree with you that osabi doesn't really do what it should.  7.0_BETA
and 7.0_RELEASE, for example, should (absent some drastic problem) have
the same ABI.

x11-links is a bit like this.

> Personally, I whould prefer to completely remove osabi package, but the
> following patch adds new variable IGNORE_OSABI to pkg_install.conf and
> osabi package checks whether this varuable is "yes". So, sysadmins is
> able to disable this check.
> Objections?

I feel that giving up on osabi is a bit too drastic.  I do find it
useful in that after updating often osabi appears mismatched, which when
using pkg_rr triggers a rebuild of osabi and things that depend on it.

I think it's fine to have a variable to override the installation

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