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Re: pkgtools/osabi is useless

Am 26.10.2014 um 15:33 schrieb Aleksey Cheusov <>:

> Hi. I'd like to apply the following patch in order to avoid package
> installation breakages caused by pkgtools/osabi package.
> Why osabi is bad:
> - Our official packages for NetBSD-6.1 are linked to 6.0 binaries.
>  As a result binary installation fails on 6.1 due to osabi-NetBSD.
> - osabi should be system-dependent, but currently it is not.
>  Difference in kernel versions on Linux, for example, doesn't play
>  too big role.
> - It is a half-measure. There are too many things to check in order to
>  garantee ABI compatibility, e.g. libc version on Linux. Checks for
>  kernel version don't solve anything.
> Personally, I whould prefer to completely remove osabi package, but the
> following patch adds new variable IGNORE_OSABI to pkg_install.conf and
> osabi package checks whether this varuable is "yes". So, sysadmins is
> able to disable this check.
> Objections?

While it's always a good approach to let sysadmins control what they
need to install - I would prefer giving osabi maintainers a chance
to fix.

/me runs into serious issues compiling pkgsrc (-CURRENT) on Solaris/sparcv9
using 64-bit ABI (will try to fix it later ...), but generally I see
pkgsrc reduces the support to NetBSD and x86-something (probably because
of missing test platforms ...).

So on the one hand we should continue supporting the primary interests
of our users and developers, on the other hand we shouldn't to fast kick
reasonable concepts.

Best regards
Jens Rehsack

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