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Re: switching netbsd-5 to modular xorg, again, this time really

Robert Swindells <> writes:

> David Holland wrote:
>>On Sat, Aug 30, 2014 at 11:31:23AM -0400, Greg Troxel wrote:
>>> We've talked about this multiple times.  Bulk builds on 2014Q2 are
>>> showing massive failures on netbsd-5.  The underlying issue is that
>>> netbsd-5 base system xsrc is really old, and enough things need newer
>>> that we are increasingly having to work hard to get new enough for them
>>> and coexist with old.  At this point I think it's a losing battle, and
>>> there's no good reason to try.  Using modular xorg works quite well, and
>>> I've been building on netbsd-5 with it for quite a long time.
> Which video card families have been tested with modular xorg on
> netbsd-5 ?

I don't really know.   But modular is what you get on netbsd-4 with
pkgsrc :-)

> Would it be possible to switch to using userspace of modular xorg but
> keep using the server from base ?

Actually, the two are quite disconnected.  You can run the base server
by just running it (from /usr/X11R7), regardless of any settings in
pkgsrc, and I do this on some systems.  What we're really talking about
is which client libraries are used as dependencies.

>>The other option is to update X in -5... I've thought for some time it
>>would be good to do this, despite the compat costs.
>>(Is there anything major that precludes just syncing it with head? I
>>would expect perhaps a few build problems, but that sort of thing
>>should be easily sortable.)
> I think it would need to sync with a point older than head, the
> version of the intel video driver in -current (and pkgsrc) needs
> KMS and building an older version looks as if it needs an older
> server.

Changing X in -5 strikes me as a huge pile of work, not necessarily ok
(stable is supposed to be stable, and while the X in -5 works, the real
issue is that it isn't happy to be dependencies for lots of new stuff),
and not likely something that will have a volunteer give that -5's EOL
date is presumably less than 6 months out, and no one has been talking
about it.

Changing the default is a one-byte change, and lots of people are
already running it that way (X11_TYPE=modular), so it's quite safe.

We can always flip it back if -5 xsrc gets updated.

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