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Re: switching netbsd-5 to modular xorg, again, this time really

On Sat, Aug 30, 2014 at 11:31:23AM -0400, Greg Troxel wrote:
 > We've talked about this multiple times.  Bulk builds on 2014Q2 are
 > showing massive failures on netbsd-5.  The underlying issue is that
 > netbsd-5 base system xsrc is really old, and enough things need newer
 > that we are increasingly having to work hard to get new enough for them
 > and coexist with old.  At this point I think it's a losing battle, and
 > there's no good reason to try.  Using modular xorg works quite well, and
 > I've been building on netbsd-5 with it for quite a long time.

The other option is to update X in -5... I've thought for some time it
would be good to do this, despite the compat costs.

(Is there anything major that precludes just syncing it with head? I
would expect perhaps a few build problems, but that sort of thing
should be easily sortable.)

Someone would have to do it, and while I probably could it would be
crazy of me to take anything big on anytime soon. Is anyone at all
interested in doing this?

If not, we should certainly go ahead on switching pkgsrc over; but it
seems to me that this decision should be made explicitly, not by

I'm adding tech-x11 and hoping this doesn't cause a furor.

David A. Holland

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