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Re: Apache should never be a mandatory dependency

Volkmar Seifert <> writes:

>> > My suggestion to a general solution to this problem is to introduce
>> > some kind of "global option", like this:
>> > 
>> Sounds like it could get more complicated with special cases.  I think
>> that if someone is building roundcube or something like that then they
>> probably already have a web server where they need it.  Unless it
>> requires a specific version why include the dependency at all?  And if
>> it does require a specific version, it would probably requires a
>> specific web server anyway.
>> If a package generated CSV files, would we include a dependency on
>> LibreOffice?
> That's exactly what I am talking about.
> Leaving out the dependencies to any kind of web-server completely would
> be fine with me, because, yes, I do have webservers running on all
> hosts on which I need them. I usually do this prior to installing
> software like drupal, roundcube or whatever. As you already said, this
> will probably be the general case anyway.

In general, options are problematic because while people compiling from
source can set them, they are not really options with respect to the
bulk build.

So if some kind of web server is a soft run-time dependency, then I
think it makes sense to just not include it as a dependency at all.

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