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Re: (lang/python27) Problems with OpenSSL search path on MirBSD

> I was wrong on this point - I am told that pbulk (which I have yet to
> get around to setting up, even though I should) will rebuild if any file
> in the package has changed.

Hm. On the one hand, this makes absolutely sure that the packages are
good. On the other hand: why do we even do all this fretting if we
should bump the revision or not, if it does not make a difference in
the end?

> While this might be irregular, if your'e the one doing mirbsd bulk
> builds, I don't see any reason for you not have it in your builds (or
> anyone else).  That might be the best compromise, where mirbsd binary
> packages from you for 2014Q1 will be ok, and the other platforms won't
> have a build hiccup.

That's fair. Would a pullup after the branch be accepted?


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