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Re: (update #3) 2012Q1 failing packages (on netbsd-current amd64)

In message <>
        on Sun, 8 Apr 2012 07:33:56 +0000,
        David Holland <> wrote:
> x11/ruby-wxruby               ruby18- works, others fail (wrong swig version)
It is related to version of devel/swig.

1. x11/ruby-wxruby with ruby18                  swig>=1.3.32<1.3.39
2. x11/ruby-wxruby with ruby19 or ruby193       swig>=1.3.37<1.3.39
3. gnuradio                                     swig==1.3.37

In devel/swig/Makefile:

# 1.3.37 has a bug where .py files are written to the directory of the
# .i file instead of where the output is supposed to go, and this
# breaks gnuradio.  Please try to contact before
# updating to 1.3.37.  See message on discuss-gnuradio:
# Message-Id: <>

I can't find referenced e-mail message for now.

And since gnuraido in pkgsrc isn't latest release, newer gnuradio
might build with newer swig.

I have locally swig 1.3.38 in my work area and it build fine 1. and 2.
although there might be some runtime problem.

Takahiro Kambe <>

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