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Re: (update #3) 2012Q1 failing packages (on netbsd-current amd64)

   archivers/mousetar           fixed
   archivers/rar                fixed
   cad/tnt-mmtl                 fixed
   chat/centericq               abandoned
   comms/asterisk10             fixed
   comms/asterisk18             fixed
   comms/hylafax                fixed
   comms/mgetty+sendfax         fixed
   databases/myodbc             fixed
   databases/odbc-postgresql    fixed
   databases/ruby-odbc          fixed
   devel/ArX                    abandoned
   fonts/cyberbase-ttf          fixed
   fonts/cyberbit-ttf           fixed
   geography/emerillon          fixed
   graphics/gwenview-kde3       confirmed fixed
   graphics/kphotoalbum         confirmed fixed
   graphics/showimg             confirmed fixed
   lang/gcc3-java               abandoned
   mbone/rat                    fixed
   misc/jitterbug               abandoned
   multimedia/kaffeine          fixed
   multimedia/kmultimedia3      fixed
   multimedia/ogle              fixed
   net/ktorrent-kde3            fixed
   net/ktorrent                 newly broken
   net/mikutter                 ok
   net/sniffit                  fixed
   net/wu-ftpd                  fixed
   news/nn                      fixed
   parallel/gridscheduler       masked on LP64 platforms
   parallel/sge                 masked on LP64 platforms
   security/oath-toolkit        fixed
   security/pam-af              fixed
   sysutils/strace              fixed
   textproc/p5-Text-BibTeX      fixed
   www/sope                     abandoned

Current count (on this list) is 117.


As usual, this list does not include the usual variety of
doomed/unfixable packages.

audio/xine-arts         plugin removed upstream, see pkgsrc-users
converters/p5-MARC-Charset      (**) victim of PR 44985 (p5-gdbm borked)
databases/cstore        (**) throws exception during build
databases/gramps        (**) broken by py25-gobject; see editors/zim
databases/gramps2       (**) broken by py25-gobject; see editors/zim
databases/sqlsharpgtk   mono linking issues (cf. f-spot, dcsharp)
devel/clisp-syscalls    bad lisp code
devel/electric-fence    (*) SIGSEGV during build
devel/guile-gnome       unclean cpp hackery
devel/mico              (*) internal assertion failure during build
devel/mono-tools        (**) extra files installed
devel/opal              does not like speex any more
devel/p5-VCP            perl bindings build failure; not a HASH reference
devel/ruby-railties31   trying to use multiple ruby-rack versions
devel/sdcc              missing sdcpp in build, also plist divergence
devel/xsd               boost issues (boost::filesystem::path) and/or PR 43691
editors/mule            temacs segfault
editors/xemacs-current  temacs segfault (PR 35500) (***)
editors/zim             (**) py25-zim fails on apparently broken py25-gobject
games/pokerth           boost issues (***)
games/qnetwalk          (**) qmake horrors with non-default $PREFIX
games/simgear           boost problems
geography/mapserver     can't find projects.h
geography/proj-swig     can't find projects.h (not a MAKE_JOBS issue)
geography/qgis          qwt_double_interval.h: No such file or directory
geography/qlandkartegt  can't find PROJ
geography/qlandkartem   can't find projects.h
graphics/aqsis          needs (nontrivial) update
graphics/camlimages     doesn't like new libtiff
graphics/digikam-kde3   (*) kde3/4 mixing, should be fixed
graphics/f-spot         mono linking issues (cf. sqlsharpgtk, dcsharp)
graphics/kipi-plugins-calendar-kde3     (*) kde3/4 mixing, should be fixed
graphics/kipi-plugins-kde3      (*) kde3/4 mixing, should be fixed
graphics/py-matplotlib-tk       python error, only python27 fails
lang/cint               C++ issues (and energizer-bunny-makefiles)
lang/eieio              pbulk fails to handle emacs versions right
lang/mercury            generic build failure, may also/then crash during build
lang/objc               cannot parse netbsd's stdlib.h
lang/ocamlduce          own patches fail, update to match ocaml [EASY] (***)
lang/pfe                PLIST divergence
lang/polyml             "ld: bad value" (not MAKE_JOBS)
lang/racket             SIGABRT during build
lang/racket-textual     SIGABRT during build
lang/spl                (*) PLIST divergence
mail/oe2mbx             fpos_t
mail/re-alpine          openssl problem; fix in PR 46025
math/capc-calc          fpos_t
math/octave-forge       doesn't work with current octave
math/py-pytables        (*) SIGSEGV during build, py25 only
mbone/vic-devel         x264 codec problems, not sure where from
meta-pkgs/gnome         (*) bad depends in evince (should be fixed)
misc/hanzim             install requires an X server
misc/koffice            C++ issues
misc/root               used to fail on openssl; now failing on fpos_t first
multimedia/bsdav        (**) various files not installed
multimedia/gxine        (**) undefined references to own symbols (inlines?)
multimedia/mediatomb    (**) iconv trouble
multimedia/mpeg4ip      no <istream.h>; fpos_t failures [EASY]
multimedia/phonon-backend-gstreamer     "don't know how to make install"
multimedia/vlc08        doesn't like ffmpeg; also see PR 41666 (***)
multimedia/vls          failing on "dvbpsi" codec
multimedia/xfmedia      fails on new xine
net/arla                expects to find a sys/kernel.h
net/dcsharp             mono linking issues (cf. sqlsharpgtk, f-spot)
net/delegate            link errors on own symbols
net/ispman              bad config file handling (***)
net/kiax                (**) qmake horrors with non-default PREFIX
net/kismet              (*) trouble with ImageMagick
net/ktorrent            solid/control/powermanager.h: ENOENT
net/mppe-lkm            kernel header issues (***)
net/mydns-mysql         (**) unclear install failure
net/mydns-pgsql         (**) unclear install failure
net/nasd                SIGSEGV during build
net/netatalk            quotas
net/nocol               link failure on its own symbols
net/ns                  conflicting decls of ethernet structures
net/omniNotify          LP64 build issue with C++ overloading [EASY]
net/openafs             "An AFS sysname is required" (***)
net/openwbem            C++ issues
news/nget               C++ version skew
print/LPRng-core        (**) work directory references
print/ruby-prawn        syntax error (only ruby18 fails)
print/tex-bagpipetex    cannot open quickref.dvi
security/bitstir        generic build failure
security/isakmpd        generic build failure
security/libprelude-ruby        shared lib missing after install, not clear why
security/openssl        (*) bad x86 asm
security/pam-ldap       (**) PAM_AUTHTOK_RECOVERY_ERR not defined
security/pam-yubico     libtool fails with no error messages
security/qca-tls        (**) qmake horrors with non-default PREFIX
security/sfs            C++ issues (***)
sysutils/burn           invalid objc
sysutils/grub           (**) "cannot run C compiled programs"
sysutils/libdevkit-gobject      (**) "don't know how to make devkit.1"
sysutils/p5-Sys-Filesystem      (*) "env: ./Build: No such file or directory"
sysutils/pfstat         (**) busted install rules
sysutils/ruby-quota     quotas
sysutils/setquota       quotas
sysutils/sformat        getline + energizer-bunny-makefiles
sysutils/wipe           can't find DIOCGPART
sysutils/xenkernel3     bizarre linker failures
wm/afterstep            plist divergence (PR 41965) (***)
wm/icecc                (**) qmake horrors with non-default PREFIX
wm/obconf               cannot find 'obrender' and 'obparser'
www/ap-ssl              openssl issues
www/ap2-xslt2           (**) trouble compiling yacc output
www/emacs-w3m           pbulk fails to handle emacs versions right
www/nvu                 C++ issues with freetype
www/ocsigen             needs update (in gnats), currently marked BROKEN
www/pound               openssl problems (?)
www/w3                  pbulk fails to handle emacs versions right
x11/grandr_applet       gnome issues
x11/openbsd-input-ws    doesn't work with current X server (PR 41585) (***)
x11/py-kiwi             (**) py25-kiwi fails on py25-gobject; see editors/zim
x11/qt4-creator         qdoc problems
x11/ruby-wxruby         ruby18- works, others fail (wrong swig version)

(*) These fail for Joerg but not for me.
(**) These fail for me but not Joerg.
(***) These have been broken since at least July 2010.

David A. Holland

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