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DragonFly KDE4.8: issue with QT4-tools or KDE-workspace4?

I'm having trouble getting kde-workspace4 to build on DragonFly. Due to my unfamiliarity with both KDE and QT4, I don't know if the problem lies with qt4-tools or with kde-workspace4.

The error is:
/work/x11/kde-workspace4/work/kde-workspace-4.8.0/kcontrol/fonts/fonts.cpp:18:27: error: qplatformdefs.h: No such file or directory

What I believe the cause of the error is:
In file work/kde-workspace-4.8.0/_KDE_build/systemsettings/CMakefiles/CMakeDirectoryInformation.cmake, one of the directories in CMAKE_C_INCLUDE_PATH is "/usr/pkg/qt4/mkspecs/default". For DragonFly, I suspect this should actually be "/usr/pkg/qt4/mkspecs/freebsd-g++" after looking over the qt4-tools PLIST.

Should QT4-tools be changed to either create a dragonfly mkspecs directory? Or for DragonFly only, copy mkspecs/freebsd-g++ files to the mkspecs/default directory which is empty?

Or is there someplace in kde-workspace4 that a patch should be applied?

Like I said, I'm wondering if the kde-workspace4 breakage is a symptom of a problem with qt4-tools. Can somebody with familiar with either KDE4 or QT4 please provide insight into the best approach to fix this?


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