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Re: DragonFly KDE4.8: issue with QT4-tools or KDE-workspace4?

On 4/1/2012 17:09, John Marino wrote:
On 4/1/2012 13:30, Mark Davies wrote:
On Sunday 01 April 2012 23:19:17 I wrote:
There is then the question why it would strike DragonFly and not NetBSD
(or other systems).

And the answer is because kde-workspace4/ has an older version of
the workaround in it.

What happens if you replace the last line of with
ln -s ${BUILDLINK_PREFIX.qt4-libs}/qt4/mkspecs/default


Hi Mark,
The package fails with the same error with that line.
That doesn't really surprise me because according to the PLIST of
qt4-tools, there is no qplatformdefs.h file in the qt4/mkspecs/default
directory unless you build qt4-tools on SunOS.

But I suspect you are on the right track here.


I think this might actually be the problem:
bmake: "/usr/pkgsrc/x11/kde-workspace4/" line 19: warning: duplicate script for target "post-wrapper" ignored bmake: "/usr/pkgsrc/x11/kde-workspace4/" line 12: warning: using previous script for "post-wrapper" defined here has always had two definitions for post-wrapper. Apparently that's not allowed. Folks with inet6 option defined won't get this error though.

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