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Re: DragonFly KDE4.8: issue with QT4-tools or KDE-workspace4?

On Sunday 01 April 2012 22:58:55 John Marino wrote:
> I'm having trouble getting kde-workspace4 to build on DragonFly.  Due 
> my unfamiliarity with both KDE and QT4, I don't know if the problem 
> with qt4-tools or with kde-workspace4.
> The error is:
> /work/x11/kde-workspace4/work/kde-
> pp:18:27: error: qplatformdefs.h: No such file or directory
> Or is there someplace in kde-workspace4 that a patch should be 
> Like I said, I'm wondering if the kde-workspace4 breakage is a 
> of a problem with qt4-tools.  Can somebody with familiar with either
> KDE4 or QT4 please provide insight into the best approach to fix 

There is a problem that buildlink does not create the default symlink 
in mkspecs when building the buildlink tree.

In sysutils/k3b/Makefile you can see a work around for this:

        # buildlink loses this symlink
        ln -s ${BUILDLINK_PREFIX.qt4-libs}/qt4/mkspecs/default 

are you striking the same thing here?  
There is then the question why it would strike DragonFly and not NetBSD 
(or other systems).


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