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Re: use of print/texlive/

Thomas Klausner writes:
 > The tex packages on the master site have no version number in the
 > name.

Hence the magic in to create a DIST_SUBDIR with a version
number for each package.  This makes perfect sense.

 > For this reason, we mirror the tarballs we package on;
 > however, this step isn't automatic at all right now. You have to
 > manually fetch the tarball and put it in the appropriate DIST_SUBDIR
 > on

However, this does not seem to agree with my experience when trying to
create a new package for forloop that triggered my first email.  

For me, if the line

     MASTER_SITES?=     ${MASTER_SITE_TEX_CTAN:=systems/texlive/tlnet/archive/}

is in the package Makefile, the automatic fetch works fine; i.e., the
distfile is fetched from CTAN and no "prefetch" is necessary.
However, if that line is not in the package Makefile and so the
following clause from (in this case the second branch) is
intended to take effect

     .if empty(TEXLIVE_USE_CTAN)
     MASTER_SITES?=     ${MASTER_SITE_TEX_CTAN:=systems/texlive/tlnet/archive/}

only NetBSD mirror sites are checked and hence nothing is downloaded.
In this case the "prefetch" mentioned by Thomas is in fact necessary.

What I don't understand is why the same definition for MASTER_SITES
works so differently in two different contexts.  Additionally, it
would seem that the problem raised by Thomas above is entirely fixable
if the clause in can be made to operate in the same way as
the same clause in the package Makefile.

Thanks for your help clarifying this.


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