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Re: HVM support in sysutils/xentools33 included?

2010/8/5 Stephen Borrill <>:
> On Thu, 5 Aug 2010, Jens Rehsack wrote:
>>> xentools33 includes HVM support. xentools3 is an older Xen version.
>> Yes, but I wondered why SDL is commented out. I couldn't get any guest
>> booted without sdl (I've removed the comment and rebuild xentools33).
>> Maybe I made something wrong, but neither openbsd nor fedora guests
>> giving me a console window. As far as I understood, vnc could help me
>> out, but when this is the only way, why it's not a dependency?
> qemu, which is used internally in the Xen HVM tools, provides a console via
> VNC natively.

But not via X11? Or must I explicitely configure when I wish a text console only
via xterm?

> Here's what I have at the end of my HVM configuration file:
> sdl = 0
> vnc = 1
> vncdisplay = 0
> vncunused = 1
> vncpasswd=""
> vnclisten=''
> keymap='en-gb'
> usb=1
> usbdevice='tablet'
>> Also the version difference between net/vnc and net/vncviewer confuses me.
> net/vnc is the server side. You can use net/vncviewer to speak to an HVM Xen
> domU.
> "vncviewer localhost" will work with the above configuration (for the first
> domU).

So I should create some aliases (.2, .3, .4) on my lo0 interface and can have
multiple guests at the same time?

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