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Re: HVM support in sysutils/xentools33 included?

2010/8/3 Christoph Egger <>:
> On 03.08.10 09:15, Jens Rehsack wrote:
>> Hi Christoph,
>> I took a look into our xen* packages - to figure out the best choice for my
>> goals (having a NetBSD with Xen support and run some other *BSD and
>> maybe a Windows Server for AD testing - as described at
>> (sorry to all
>> non-german speakers)).
>> I've seen that Manuel has a separate package for hvm-support for xentools3,
>> is that included in xentools33? I've seen patches that enable ioemu, but I'm
>> not sure if that's enough.
> xentools33 includes HVM support. xentools3 is an older Xen version.

Yes, but I wondered why SDL is commented out. I couldn't get any guest
booted without sdl (I've removed the comment and rebuild xentools33).
Maybe I made something wrong, but neither openbsd nor fedora guests
giving me a console window. As far as I understood, vnc could help me
out, but when this is the only way, why it's not a dependency?

Also the version difference between net/vnc and net/vncviewer confuses me.
Probably I should simply give it a try ...

>> Sorry when I ask something what has been discussed before, but I didn't find.
>> Best regards,
>> Jens
>> PS: Is someone working on xen*40 packages?
> Yes, you can test

Both build fine - but unline xentools33, xentools40 fails to build when adding
the SDL dependency. I have to wait for a bigger download (trying if opensuse
runs better as guest than fedora), because I couldn't find a proper linux kernel
for Fedora 13 for Xen guest (all tutorials expect having a RedHat based Linux
as dom0), and opensuse seems to have an appropriate kernel on the cd.

When the download is finished, I reboot to a non-xen netbsd, replace the
xen-kernels in the root filesystem, redo installboot after fixing boot.cfg and
report if everything went fine or not.


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