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Re: Quality Assurance Tinderbox (build packages on commit and report failures)

> Reports and automated notifications of failures on-commit for pkgsrc 
> seems like a great idea. Why wait for someone to report a bug or do a 
> long bulk build when we can find out quickly (days versus minutes)?

IMHO it much easier to run partial bulk builds on changed packages
daily, not per commit. This is how AFAIK ALTLinux works.  They collect
updated .spec-s for a day and then run partial bulk build (in terms of
pkgsrc) sending results to maintainers by e-mail.

> Do any of the bulk build frameworks support updating CVS and building a 
> specific package on commit? What about doing many separate builds 
> simultaneously?
distbb can work even over internet. It is resistant for network failures.
And there are no limit on a number of build hosts.
pbulk can build several packages in parallel too.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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