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Quality Assurance Tinderbox (build packages on commit and report failures)

ixSystems maintains for FreeBSD: The Quality Assurance Tinderbox.  "QAT 
is a tinderbox that builds ports based on commits to the FreeBSD ports tree 
and then generates automated notifications of failures.  Currently QAT 
runs on a single FreeBSD server running 8.0-RELEASE amd64."

The website with reports is at:

An example of an email from it:

Reports and automated notifications of failures on-commit for pkgsrc 
seems like a great idea. Why wait for someone to report a bug or do a 
long bulk build when we can find out quickly (days versus minutes)?

Do we have resources for this?  If not, anyone interested in doing on 
their own?

Does anyone do anything like this already?

Do any of the bulk build frameworks support updating CVS and building a 
specific package on commit? What about doing many separate builds 

(I have been doing on-commit builds and tests that emails on failures 
for a non-pkgsrc project I have been working on for a few months. It 
appears to be useful for me and the other developers.)

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