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Re: new package: clustalx (Brook Milligan) writes:

> The current version of the package is in wip.  Unless others see
> problems, the only issue I am aware of is whether there needs to be
> additional DESTDIR handling in the script that calls clustalx from
> ${PREFIX}/bin.  The actual binary likes to be in the same directory as
> some help files, so I have placed them all into
> ${PREFIX}/libexec/clustalx and placed a wrapper in ${PREFIX}/bin.
> Does that wrapper need to know about DESTDIR or is directly executing
> ${PREFIX}/libexec/clustalx/clustalx sufficient?

There is no requirement for the package to *work* while in DESTDIR.
building in references to ${PREFIX} is just fine.

> If all of this is too close to the freeze, I'm happy to wait.
> However, I would appreciate comments on the version in wip so I can at
> least get it ready.

If the freeze hasn't happened, you can add it :-)

pkglint says it's ok except for license file.

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