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new package: clustalx

I would like to include a new package (to be named biology/clustalx)
in pkgsrc.  This is a leaf package and provides a method of molecular
sequence alignment with an X11 GUI; essentially it is an interface to
the methods used in the clustalw package although they are distributed

The current version of the package is in wip.  Unless others see
problems, the only issue I am aware of is whether there needs to be
additional DESTDIR handling in the script that calls clustalx from
${PREFIX}/bin.  The actual binary likes to be in the same directory as
some help files, so I have placed them all into
${PREFIX}/libexec/clustalx and placed a wrapper in ${PREFIX}/bin.
Does that wrapper need to know about DESTDIR or is directly executing
${PREFIX}/libexec/clustalx/clustalx sufficient?

If all of this is too close to the freeze, I'm happy to wait.
However, I would appreciate comments on the version in wip so I can at
least get it ready.

Thanks alot.


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