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Stephen Borrill <> writes:

> On Mon, 15 Mar 2010, Aleksej Saushev wrote:
>> I've imported MinGW cross-development tools from pkgsrc-wip.
>> They work.
>> At least I'm able to cross-build PortAudio and build primitive
>> audio player. The player works under WINE and on real NT5
>> (MS Windows XP).
>> I propose to remove old MinGW tools in cross/i386-mingw32.
>> I couldn't make them work 2 years ago and went using WIP,
>> I don't remember the last time they built either.
>> Unless anyone objects I'm asking to remove them before branch,
>> perhaps during the upcoming freeze.
> I've used the older successfully for some time, but I've been
> unable to build it.
> The newer version works for me, but I have a few observations:
> With the newer version, why does it install in a different location?
> i.e. /usr/pkg/cross/bin/i386--mingw32-gcc (new) vs
> /usr/pkg/cross/bin/i386-mingw32-gcc (old)?

I don't know.

> I note I now need -lstdc++ even with plain old C programs.

I had to link against libgcc.

Currently I don't know what to do with it.
I don't need MinGW very often and thus can afford some ad-hockery,
I'm seeking for opinions what to do with old broken package.
Either we remove it or we wait for another chance that someone steps up.

If we're leaving it as is, I want to see it marked as broken
but I don't insist on this.


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