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Re: pkg_add/ftp hangs when there are dependencies

    Date:        Wed, 14 Oct 2009 17:42:10 -0400
    From:        Louis Guillaume <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | Here's the tcpdump from the client machine for a "pkg_add tiff".

You didn't include the data connection in that (passive mode doesn't
use port 20 or 21 at either end - ports are unpredictable) and your use
of the default snapshot packet grab length may possibly have caused
some useful data to be omitted.


        tcpdump -s 512 host and host

and see what that reveals.   Even better

        tcpdump -s 1520 -w DUMPFILENAME host and host

and then to generate a report for e-mail

        tcpdump -s 512 -r DUMPFILENAME -vn

(and omit the xX stuff, then you won't need to edit out any data).
If needed later, you'll still have the dump file (use whatever filename
you like instead of DUMPFILENAME) so if someone needs to see more of
what is happening, you can tcpdump -r DUMPFILENAME again (with whatever
other options make sense at the time).


ps: I'd tend to guess something is blocking the attempt to make the
data connection, you might need to run tcpdump on both hosts and compare
what the two tell you.

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