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pkg_add/ftp hangs when there are dependencies


pkg_add hangs when PKG_PATH is set to a path on an ftp server and there is at least one dependency.

I've noticed this happening often since libfetch was introduced. For example, on a newly installed NetBSD-5_STABLE system (from sources ~ Oct. 8th):

# pkg_add tiff


Tiff requires jpeg.

# pkg_add jpeg


# pkg_add tiff


From what I can tell this is 100% reproducible on several platforms including AIX, Linux, NetBSD and Mac OS X. However I've only verified this many times on Linux and NetBSD.

I've tried with the NetBSD package repository and with local ones. AFAICT there are no open PRs for this. Should I enter one?

After googling it seems there are 2 workarounds: one to use http, which is not reasonable if we don't have an http service for packages. The other is to use pkgin, which is not acceptable if we don't already have any packages installed.

This is a major obstacle to "normal" package installation. Please advise.


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