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Planned projects

Hi all,
as small heads up, here are a list of things I want to get done before
the next branch. I'm posting this to give others a chance to complain :)

1. libtool update to 2.2 -- needs a bit more testing on NetBSD and a lot
of testing on !NetBSD. Expect fallout.

2. Removal of psycopg1. All packages support psycopg2 now.

3. Remove wxGTK24 and if possible wxGTK26 as well. Few packages use
them, most of them are outdated and/or borderline useless.

4. Remove i2cb or find someone to update it to TCL 8.4. Remove TCL 8.3
and friends.

5. Remove graphics/xpm and replace it with x11/libXpm. Patch for that is
on tech-pkg.


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