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Re: [HEADS UP] PKGTOOLS_REQD bump and related changes

On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 01:06:08PM +0200, Dieter Baron wrote:
> : Or when will we start to
> : have conflicting casing that sometimes magically work and sometimes
> : don't?
>   Why should it work only sometimes?  Any specific problem cases in
> mind?

One basic case is that most case-insensitive filesystems are
case-preserving. Being case insensitive here means you can't just open
the license file without doing a full strcasecmp search.

> : I forgot who gave it, but the IDEA-license vs idea-license is
> : something I would prefer to avoid.
>   I am not aware of this problem, please provide more detail.

That was the example given to me for having upper case in

> : One more part: It was *not* case-insensitive before.
>   True, but before we didn't have MIT and GPLv2 (common casing) as
> license names.  And, we allowed (and used) upper case letters in
> license names.

You are mixing two things here. Whether or not to allow upper case
letters and whether or not to compare case-insensitive. I am opposed to
the latter, as it is adds useless complication. You don't just go around
and invent random spellings of license names. You copy them from the
on-screen error or based on the file name. I don't care much about the
former as long as the use of upper case is limited by saneness.


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