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Re: [HEADS UP] PKGTOOLS_REQD bump and related changes

In article <> Joerg wrote:
: On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 10:39:43AM +0200, Dieter Baron wrote:
: > : } The worrying thing is the bit that has been deleted where we seem to 
: > : } migrated into a lower-case world, and suggestions on how to drag 
: > : } out of the mire are dismissed as a "one-time change". Thomas has printed
: > : } out one case where it won't work at all.
: > 
: > :      Yes, it is a more worrying thing.  I thought your previous message
: > : about it covered the point nicely, which is why I didn't bother
: > : commenting on it, or including it again.
: > 
: >   Joerg, please make license name matching case-insensitive.

: So when will some add "and" as license name?

  Never.  We should document the reserved words in the developer
section of the guide, but that should be sufficient.

: Or when will we start to
: have conflicting casing that sometimes magically work and sometimes
: don't?

  Why should it work only sometimes?  Any specific problem cases in

: I forgot who gave it, but the IDEA-license vs idea-license is
: something I would prefer to avoid.

  I am not aware of this problem, please provide more detail.

: One more part: It was *not* case-insensitive before.

  True, but before we didn't have MIT and GPLv2 (common casing) as
license names.  And, we allowed (and used) upper case letters in
license names.

  Also, pkgsrc works on case insensitive file systems, so adding two
license names (and therefore files) whos names only differ in casing
is a no-no already.

  One more point: for non-free, single-package licenses, we use the
package name as the license name.  If the package name contains an
upper case letter, we can no longer do that.  You are creating a
special case (*that already happened*) for no good reason.


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