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Re: fam complexity

Greg Troxel wrote:
> I ran pkg_rolling-replace on a machine which shouldn't have any gnome
> goop on it (web server for trac which has graphviz).  It failed with:
> ===> Installing for libgamin-0.1.10
> ERROR: libgamin-0.1.10 conflicts with installed package(s):
> ERROR:     fam-2.7.0nb9
> ERROR: They install the same files into the same place.
> ERROR: Please remove conflicts first with pkg_delete(1).
> *** Error code 1
> So I did
>   make replace OLDNAME=fam
> which will temporarily bork 
>  glib2->pango->graphviz->trac-plugins-GraphViz-
> until pkg_rr finishes.

Even if this reply may come a little late (I need some time to read the
thread and was a bit busy the last days):

I'm going to plunder on FreeBSD - there're some files maintained:
ports/MOVED, ports/UPDATING etc.

ports/MOVED is read by the ports-tools like portmaster, portupgrade etc.
It should be possible to create sth. similar (pkgsrc is using settings in
the makefiles, ok), e.g. that DEPENDS could be grouped:

.include "../../xxx/"

in /etc/mk.conf:

The dependencies may resolved like group options.
So pkg_rr could detect the change of a dependency and do
>   make replace OLDNAME=fam

> I don't see any easy ways out of these kinds of messes, but wanted to
> mention it.
> There are of course the questions "why does graphviz need glib2" and
> "why does glib2 have fam services built in" but I realize the people on
> tech-pkg aren't the right crowd to berate about that :-)

Maybe you built it with pangocairo option, which requires glib which
requires libfam (e.g. gamin).
Sorry for that - I didn't find a way around.


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