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Re: fam complexity

Greg Troxel wrote:

> "Jared D. McNeill" <> writes:
> > On Mon, 16 Mar 2009, Greg Troxel wrote:
> >>
> >> I ran pkg_rolling-replace on a machine which shouldn't have any gnome
> >> goop on it (web server for trac which has graphviz).  It failed with:
> >>
> >> ===> Installing for libgamin-0.1.10
> >> ERROR: libgamin-0.1.10 conflicts with installed package(s):
> >> ERROR:     fam-2.7.0nb9
> >> ERROR: They install the same files into the same place.
> >> ERROR: Please remove conflicts first with pkg_delete(1).
> >> *** Error code 1
> >
> > I'm not sure why you think gamin/fam == GNOME. libgamin is a libfam
> Fair enough, but it has in my experience come along for the ride.  I use
> gnome on desktop machines, and was trying to keep my trac/svn server
> minimal.
> I think my real beef is with upstream glib as it seems like something
> which shouldn't have this sort of dependency.
> > reimplementation used for file change notifications (in glib among
> > other things). I did recently change the default, not sure how pkgsrc
> > manages that. One thing I suppose you could do is maybe alter the
> Well, basically it doesn't, but this isn't your fault - it's just the
> nature of swapping a dependency that conflicts.  The higher-level
> package, glib in this case, needs the new one, but the new one and the
> old one conflict, and you can't delete the old one because glib2 depends
> on it.
> > logic in mk/ to accept either libgamin or fam, as the
> > former is supposed to be source and binary compatible with the latter,
> > at least for a subset of functionality.
> That would probably be good, as it avoids forcing most people building
> From source down this path, letting them choose when to deal.
> I am not good enough at pkgsrc makefiles to do this.  I would think it
> goes like
> Change 
> to
>   if one of fam and gamin is both accepted and installed, set _FAM_TYPE
>   to that one, else set to _FAM_DEFAULT
> That leaves systems with fam alone, but I'm not sure that's good long
> term.
> I don't mean to complain about what you're doing - having the latest of
> all these things is definitely the right thing and appreciated - it's
> just pointing out some inadequacies of pkgsrc to cope with the
> transitions.

Some webservers also use fam for example, so it's not a desktop thing. :-)

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